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Here's what one leading authority on marriage has to say about the Journey into Love...

"Jim Marshall has developed a powerful program for getting to the core issues of relationships and helping couples stay together. It is not only powerful, but fun. You'll learn a great deal about yourself, your marriage and your soul. Don't miss this opportunity."

Bill O'Hanlon, M.S., marriage and family therapist and author/co-author of over 20 books, including "Love is a Verb", "Stop Blaming, Start Loving" and "Rewriting Love Stories"      

And from a husband in marital therapy at MasterCare Institute...
"...seeing Jim Marshall has saved our marriage. What's more surprising is that I didn't expect to learn so much more, like about myself, my wife, and everyone around me. I thought I knew everything about people and relationships-- people always came to me for advice. After seeing Jim...I learned I really didn't have a clue! It is so comforting to know that my wife and I have learned to love each other even more and have a great marriage. When I see an unhappy couple now I think, how sad. It doesn't have to be that way."