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 $14.99 plus tax; since the Journey is instantly downloadable, there are NO shipping or handling charges. Begin enjoying it right away!
Note: This version of the Journey is Windows compatible. 

  Congratulations on making a great decision!

 We are confident the Journey will be an enjoyable resource for years to come!

The Journey costs a fraction of a single therapy session at MasterCare Institute!  You will pay only 14.99 and Michigan sales tax of 6% (total: $15.89) And with a 100% money-back guarantee, you're ordering the Journey with no risk. Thank you for allowing Jim Marshall to accompany you on your Journey. Remember to return to the website for more help and support. And, again, congratulations!

Important: The Journey was designed with couples seeking therapy in mind: we are confident it can help therapists and clients to expedite the process and improve results. However, the Journey cannot serve as a substitute for marital therapy or other personal psychological or psychiatric services for individuals or couples struggling with serious mental health problems such as addiction or severe depression, or when marital issues such as physical abuse exist. In all such cases we strongly recommend that you seek help from a licensed mental health professional in addition to using the Journey into Love. To find a therapist in your area see our "Links" page (Click here).

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