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A Great Wedding Gift!

If you're looking for the ultimate wedding gift, forget the  placemats,  crystal,  waffle irons, and blenders. The Journey into Love is a gift that any couple will be immensely grateful for; a gift with lasting value--it can help newlyweds of all ages to build a relationship that lasts for a lifetime!

And purchasing the Journey as a gift is easy...
You order, we send, they open and enjoy! Here's how it works: as soon as you order the Journey for a third party, we will receive an automatic order confirmation including the name and email address of your gift recipient. We will promptly send your recipient an email gift certificate
with a direct link enabling them to quickly download and begin enjoying the program right away. There's NO shipping or waiting! The Journey into Love is a high-quality interactive experience that friends, family, and newlyweds will love!

Why give the Journey as a Gift?
by Jim Marshall

The Journey makes a great gift for any couple, not just newlyweds, but let's start there. Throughout my career, I have had calls from parents and pastors offering to pay for premarital counseling for couples. Why? Because they were convinced that every dollar they invested in their loved ones before they were married couldn't be better spent. So, as you visit the registries of an engaged couple, remember: anyone can buy a toaster (and you can bet that someone else invited to the wedding will!) but the Journey into Love is a gift you can give that will encourage and equip the bride and groom to make much more of their marriage than just toast. 

The Journey is a thoughtful gift...
Through the years, it has been rewarding to hear couples who have attended my marriage retreats express thanks for the help and encouragement they received from the experience. Now, with the Journey, couples can experience this great help right in the privacy of their own homes or as the center piece of private retreats wherever they choose to go together! 

Are you out of truly meaningful gift ideas with the wedding day fast approaching?
Not a problem: bring your wedding card with you to the reception. Within your congratulatory message, just add a simple note like this: "Check your email for a unique "downloadable" gift from us: The Journey into Love-- A Multimedia Experience for couples..." After the couple opens their email from MasterCare Institute with the Certificate above and download the Journey, they will discover a gift that will give them great value for years to come.

So, thanks for considering the Journey, and remember: every couple will love this experience of a lifetime!

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